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Not Enough Natural Light? These Indoor Plants Will Live Despite Everything

Sep 7

Are you looking for a plant that can survive in a dim bathroom or next to a window that faces north? Or maybe in a basement window? There are many indoor plants that need less light, so don't worry.

But can a plant survive in a space without any windows? The answer to this question is uncomplicated: no. While some of the plants on this list may be able to survive in artificial light for a brief period of time, they will eventually die from lack of exposure to sunlight unless you give them a spin around your home to get some light every so often. There is no living plant that will thrive in a room without at least a sliver of natural light. Consider adding grow lights to help a plant obtain the light it needs to flourish if it needs to grow in a windowless part of your home.

Take a look at these low light houseplants first, however, before you give up and purchase a fake plant to cover that empty area in your home.



Each and every home needs pothos. They just need a tiny quantity of water and may thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. These vining house plants can rapidly provide a tropical touch to any space and grow up to 30 feet long (!) inside if not pruned. Pothos are excellent hanging plants and may be taught to climb trellises or trail downward. Popular varieties of pothos include golden pothos, jade pothos, and marble pothos.


The Snake Plant

There's a solid reason why snake plants are among the most well-liked low-light houseplants. They have a range of attractive shapes and colors, are easy to grow, and need little water. Just ask Home52's Editorial Lead Arati Menon, whose snake plant is flourishing despite her admission that watering is at best scant and fresh air is a rare event. But everything is done to honor the snake plant, which is happy to put up with the mistreatment.



About 120 tropical plants belong to the genus Dracaena, most of which are well-known for being simple to grow. They are common houseplants because to their low light tolerance and low water needs. Dracaenas come in a range of sizes, colors, and forms as well. Popular Dracaena houseplants include the Dracaena 'Janet Craig' (Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig'), lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii), maize plant (Dracaena fragrans), and the song of India (Dracaena reflexa).



Although they may also flourish in medium to strong indirect light, dieffenbachia plants prefer low light conditions. Dieffenbachia come in a range of shapes and hues, from the little and tidy Dieffenbachia "Camilla" to the massive and ostentatious Dieffenbachia "Tropic Snow." Dieffenbachia plants are unfortunately quite dangerous to humans and animals if ingested, therefore guardians and pet owners should take extra care at home.