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Are you Pre-Approved For a Loan Yet?

Apr 22

These are some simple tips to help buyers stay competitive in today's market.


Homebuyers can witness this kind of market exhausting. It takes patience to wait for the right bid to be placed on the property. Since 1992, I've managed an agency in O'Fallon IL. I've heard numerous accounts from agents of how the market impacts their clients. I've sifted through hundreds of contracts for sales and have good grasp of Realtors' most prevalent tactics to get their offers accepted.  The Ellerbrake Group is ready to help you today to stay competitive in the market!


Today, I'll provide some strategies that will aid buyers to compete in today's market.


1. Be pre-approved. You don't have the time or patience to search for the perfect house and then go to banks. You want to get pre-approved in order to prove to your seller you're serious about the purchase and are able to afford the house. Discuss with your lender the monthly amount you feel comfortable with.


When listing agents receive offers from buyers One of the first actions they take is to verify the mortgage lender's pre-approval letter. Listing agents who are highly efficient will have a good understanding of many local lenders. Certain lenders are known for their sabotage of deals. The listing agent could give information about you when you use one of these lenders with the sellers.


If you're working with an experienced real estate agent, seek for their recommendations on the most suitable lenders to make the offer approved. This is especially important in cities that are smaller. Smaller cities have real estate agents are more likely to see each other. Your Realtor and mortgage broker's knowledge and experience can have significant impact on your contract's strength.


2. Make sure you're prepared. Your Realtor will collect your earnest money and provide proof that you've remitted it so that the seller is aware that you're on top. You may also discover the buyer's preferred closing date or inquire about other aspects to make the offer more appealing for them.


Each seller could have different reasons to sell. One seller may be selling their main residence via a relocation company and another could be selling an investment property. Both of these sellers will have distinct phrases that appeal to their buyers.

If you are considering buying a house in an extremely competitive market for sellers, it's recommended to have your Realtor contact the listing agent prior to submitting an offer. Your agent should ask the agent of the seller what they're seeking in the terms of a contract. This information will enable you to tailor your offer to meet the buyer's requirements. It will guarantee that your offer is at the top of the list.



3. Find a great realtor. When we meet with clients, I want to ensure they're as prepared as possibly can be. Apart from looking at the internet for listings, we also investigate properties off the market to assist our customers. This gives buyers an advantage.


4. Prepare to offer an Escalation Clause. Escalation clauses are a clause in a contract which states that the buyer has the right to increase their offer to the amount of sales they submit. The price of the contract of the buyer will automatically increase without the need to file the contract again or modify their current contract. This clause generally has the ability to escalate up to a certain amount. When a bidding war takes place, this strategy will keep your bid on top of the list.


Here's an example.

  • Homebuyer A has offered $500,000 on a $490,000 home with an escalation provision to $3,000 above the highest offered.

  • The house receives 30 offer contracts. And the highest offer comes from Buyer B for $550,0000.

  • -In this case the price for the contract sale of the buyer A is automatically increased to $553,000.

This is one of the most popular methods to beat your competitors in highly competitive markets.

You should only utilize an escalation provision when you have the financial resources to raise your offer beyond the list price. The advantages of an escalation clause is that they immediately place your bid at the top of the list. However, they could be used to manipulate agents representing the seller and lead you to pay much higher than your original contract price.

If the seller's agent is granted an escalation provision that allows them to solicit other buyers to push the price up. After they've topped the price, you're paying a particular amount over that price.

Escalation clauses gained popularity in the year 2018, and they have since become the norm in a number of real estate areas that are in prices that are in the average to lower ranges. However, they could be an issue for lawyers when they aren't properly organized. Make sure that your Realtor is aware of this concept prior to implementing this aggressive method.


Keep these things in mind


It is important to be flexible in order to meet a seller's individual needs as a homeowner in a competitive marketplace. Every seller is different and has unique requirements. You'll beat your competitors by being able to respond quickly and meet their requirements.

If you own a property that you want to sell before purchasing a property, you might need to think outside the box. Sellers with multiple offers on their property won't accept contracts that are contingent on another property selling. Sellers wish to minimize delay and contingencies as they can. However, don't be concerned we're able to help you find buyers for your home quickly in this dynamic market.


To make yourself more flexible to make your life more flexible, you might consider selling your house and letting an AirBnB (or short-term rental) to lease the property. While this could be risky since there's not much stock available, it could give you the edge that you need to persuade that the seller to sign your contract. There is a possibility of having more money to help accelerate the pace of a sale.  Come and check out some homes for sale in the Edwardsville IL area on our broker's page: 


Some companies offer to buy your house after you find an alternative home, however, they will charge you for this. As the demand for housing grows each year, lenders and realtors are becoming more inventive. If you're planning to sell your home, take the time to research companies that could assist you in buying a new house.


Contact me via email, phone or mail if you are looking to buy or sell. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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