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GoHighLevel Review 2022 From Extendly

Mar 30

GoHighlevel is a new-age marketing tool that attempts to consolidate the most useful marketing tools under a single umbrella. Highlevel is a marketer’s best friend.

If you’re in search for the TLDR version of this GoHighlevel review, I found it here: Clickfunnels, Pipedrive, Hubspot, GoHighlevel – this is the tool of the

The product that is used to turn an ecommerce website into a SaaS business platform is profitable with very low start costs for the owner

Go Highlevel Review: Read This Section to See If It’s Right For You

In this section of our Go Highlevel review, I want to help you figure out if GoHighlevel is right for you and your business situation.

Starting off, I want to address Gohighlevel’s weaknesses. It’s not a perfect solution for someone who is into e-commerce. If that’s you, I would stick to Shopify and all of it’s plug ins.

Aside from that, GoHighlevel is a great fit if:

  1. You’re already paying for and using any of the services above. GoHighlevel will consolidate all your tech under one umbrella. This will simplify your stack, save you time, stress, and money.
  2. You are a digital marketer who is a freelancer, has an agency, or focuses on affiliate. Bonus points if you focus on SEM or Social Media advertising.
  3. You sell online courses or digital products that involve funnel building, auto-responders, or membership areas.
  4. You want new, creative, and easier ways of picking up digital marketing/agency clients.
  5. You’re looking for ways of simplifying your technology, reducing costs, and would prefer to gain power instead of losing it.

If any of those descriptions seem right, then read on.

For this GoHighlevel review, let’s talk about the negatives first because that list is a lot shorter than the positives.

Our first experience with GoHighlevel was that the software felt somewhat overwhelming. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but diving into GoHighlevel requires a certain mindset.

Because GoHighlevel does so much, it feels like there’s a serious learning curve. To combat that, and to properly train our team we had to approach it with a “one step at a time” mentality.

Here are some of the areas where we just put the time into understanding:

  1. What triggers are and how to use them.
  2. How to combine triggers and campaigns to automate a large portion of our business.

Once we figured out those two things, by sitting there and reading all the options, the rest became easy.

For us to learn how to use GoHighlevel it took about 2 days of being DEEP in the software.

However, to make sure we help you, when you sign up using this link below (it’s connected to our GoHighlevel account), you’ll automatically get access to our Digital Agency Template and to a course that teaches you how to use GoHighlevel.

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